Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Price of the items?

Generally the cost of our items is 129,900 pesos, at the end of the purchase you will see the cost of taxes and shipping

Cost of delivery?

It is 9,900 in Bogotá 12,900 rest of Colombia. The shipment is made with the most suitable courier company for your location.

Availability of sizes?

We always try to have all sizes available. When selecting a shirt you will see if we have that size.

If you are interested and there is no size available, it is very likely that we will not have it again, since we only took them out once.

Are they AAA replicas or originals?

Unfortunately these original garments are no longer available :( . But we take the originals and try to bring with today's technology and the comfort of the best fabrics, all the details and finishes of the time.

Payment against delivery?

We do not accept payment on delivery. For the logistics of our model

Payment methods?

We accept all means of payment (payu) and Nequi is additionally offered through chat.

Can it be changed by size?

If you can change the size.

You must assume the round trip shipping cost and as soon as we have it in our hands we will send you a new one .