How do we make these beauties?

It all starts from the planning, where we choose based on the stories that you tell us from your memories, the best selection of garments for the next 6 months.

Once we choose the designs, the work passes into the hands of the sewing group.

One of our best workers is called Doña Gladys, who is 62 years old and has been working in professional sewing all her life. She has helped us a lot to be able to carry out work of the highest quality.

After production, it goes to storage for a quality check.

And after this it is packed and sent to your hands

Since our beginnings, we have the traditional crafts "Made in Colombia" to guarantee the best possible product quality. Our company ethos is geared towards a strong commitment to sustainability in our manufacturing process and one of our priorities is to ensure that workers in our supply chain are paid a living wage and treated fairly. In our web store you can find information about the materials used in the production process for each AmigosMCS item.