About us

Based in Bogota, Colombia. AmigosMCS is a place to find all vintage soccer items. Our specialized team is focused on finding the best selection of classic soccer jerseys for you.

We make a very big effort so that you can have this beautiful memory with you.

This dream arose from the love of soccer, nostalgia and style. It was founded in 2019 by a person who has been in love with soccer since he was 4 years old. And that I believed in the development of the country. He, along with his team, seek to promote employment and development in Colombia. Thanks to you, he is fulfilling his dream, since we can generate employment and support social initiatives.

50% of our shipments are made in means of transport with 100% renewable and clean energy.

We are always expanding our selection and seek to develop original, vintage-inspired designs. If you have an idea you want to share, get in touch with us.

Made in Colombia.

Gone are the dark Colombian and Latin American years. For this reason, we want to make quality products with our berraquera and love. Our values ​​will always be oriented towards the construction of the country.

Main Shop (The Dream)

The main store of AmigosMCS will be in the capital of the Creole republic. It is under construction and its location will be revealed when the 90 minutes of construction are over. AmigosMCS is available to retail partners and Online stores, but our store will offer you a unique experience, whether or not you are a soccer fan.

The artificial grass, the table football, the Campín chairs and all our walls full of football art will make you feel at home. In addition, you will find the soccer beer, to be able to sit down and watch games, movies or documentaries of our beloved religion called FOOTBALL, Not Soccer!.

In our Maradonian church, you can enter and confess those little sins you have, from small infidelities to missing the Champions League game because you have to work. Come out as reborn after confessing it.