Ricardo Gareca eterno...

Ricardo Gareca eternal...

One of the most curious moments in Gareca's relationship with América de Cali occurred in 2006, when he returned to the club after leaving the team a few years earlier. During his second tenure as manager, Gareca led the team to a number of important achievements, including the 2006 Colombian League title and 2007 Copa Libertadores qualification.

Additionally, Gareca is known for his engaging game philosophy and his focus on developing young players. During his time at América de Cali, he built a young and talented team that impressed fans with his fluid style of play.

Today we celebrate the birthday of América de Cali and in what way, remembering one of its best years

In 1987, América de Cali experienced one of its most successful years in its history. During that year, the club won the Colombian Primera División championship and qualified for the 1988 Copa Libertadores.

Furthermore, 1987 was a year of consolidation for the club, as several of its most important players, including Wilson Pérez, Hernán "Bolillo" Gómez and Arnoldo Iguarán, demonstrated their talent and leadership on the pitch. With a solid squad and an experienced manager on the bench, América de Cali enjoyed a successful year in which they established their position as one of the most dominant clubs in Colombia.

América de Cali's participation in the 1988 Copa Libertadores was also a highlight for the club. Despite not winning the competition, the team demonstrated its quality against some of the best clubs in South America and left a lasting impression in Copa Libertadores history.

In summary, 1987 was a key year for América de Cali, which established itself as one of the most dominant clubs in Colombia and laid the foundations for a successful future in the Copa Libertadores.

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