Millonarios tiempos dorados

millionaire golden times

retro millionaires t-shirt

Millionaires is a team of history, stars and passion. It has one of the biggest fans in Colombia, and a history envied by many. You can call it whatever you want: The Blue Ballet, the Ambassador or the Albiazules. who does not want to boast that di stefano, pedernera, old willie, kid valderrama, arnoldo iguarán passed in their team and we can follow the list of all the stars who gave great moments to a loyal fan, no matter how low the team is He never gives up, this is Millos, the one who shouted champion so many times, celebrated unique moments with his fans and who also suffered in unexpected moments.

The golden years always mark a beginning as a team from a city where soccer was not such a flashy sport, where a professional league was being born, where the spectacle and even love was beginning with a spark, and that with time grows every season. The start of the ambassador in the league was not very striking, until the directives took advantage of a unique moment to bring the biggest stars of the continent. A very strong team is named in Argentina with Di Stefano, Pedernera and a lot of stars who made football a more spectacular show than Gardel himself, but a crisis made them emigrate from the stage and they ended up in Bogotá in the colossus of 53 , millionaires was lucky to have the right to a unique show where the blonde arrow did her thing scoring goals, winning titles and giving away the best show than a ballet, neither the rival nor the rhythm imposed on her mattered. They were golden years not only for millionaires but also for Colombian football where every weekend there was a show that no one could miss. Even Real Madrid, champion of Europe and Spain, decided to challenge a team that echoed around the world.

millionaires t-shirt

Unfortunately, this story had its end, although the stars left and the blue ballet ended, the team did not stop with their desire to win because in the years after this they won more titles and began to be a team with a reputation throughout the continent. .

At the end of the eighties Millonarios had an incredible game, which with the goals from Iguarán, the defense from Gamero and the dribbling from Estrada built a dream team, at a time when the stars were in all the stadiums in the country, where America had A dream team, where Nacional was full of criollos and full of talent, Cali's sports team with its top technicians and the star kid, but the rest of the teams weren't far behind. The obscure causes of why the show returned to Colombian football as in the ambassador's most golden years were known. His uniform was a beauty, it was the polo shirt of that year, millionaires had clothing that was not only synonymous with beauty but with victory that He reminded every fan that in the 1988 season the thirteenth star rose, the unique goals and the satisfaction of beating one of his historic rivals for the title; a season to never forget and whoever remembers it is filled with emotion, a unique and perfect millionaires shirt to remember the emotion of such an important and difficult star, there are thousands of challenges like this, that is why it is recognized as a fan who wears your shirt with pride.

millionaires retro t-shirt

for a period they did not add more stars, a long drought that generated a bit of disappointment but the fans did not stop encouraging and the teams were formed little by little, with stars that passed and left their mark, some were even idols others only left a small step. He even got to play in the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores and fight for other international titles, some bumps clouded the road, wins that did not leave a good feeling and other years without raising another star.

but on that long road, beautiful things also happened, like in 1996 when millionaires had a beautiful shirt, clothing that marked the way they looked on the field, with that millionaires shirt they were ready to win and be a strong team, maybe they had a good team He wasn't the best at the time, he had stars and a scorer, but he didn't need anything, he had what it took to achieve a good performance and achieve the goal, but it wasn't easy and he had a complicated path that unfortunately didn't help them fulfill their goal. objective, Millonarios already had something important built but did not achieve glory that year the sports cali snatched the title by a goal difference, was close and was close to getting another title.

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Significant events have happened that fill with joy, moments that leave every fan happy and with the simple memory leaves whoever and loves the shield full of emotion, it is a unique moment that is not always repeated like the time you win the title your backyard rival in the most unique way with a great goal in the last minutes, something for which henrry rojas will never be forgotten in an institution that thanked him for that moment that will never happen again, beat your rival with a stadium full of the opponent, start losing and turn it around and end up silencing more than 30 thousand people that is a story worth telling not only in writing, not on TV but everywhere and tell how the impossible happened , give the reason why waiting for so many years of mockery, but in others the celebration feels so unique where celebrating those years of effort become glory.

That is millionaires, the team of everyone who suffers, who lives happily and who encourages and who does not stop encouraging, the stars pass and the events stay but who encourages that and who remembers it, are all those fans who put on the shirt of millionaires, who dress in all their clothing, who show up to the stadium no matter what, with their jacket when I arrived and with a shirt when the sun rises, this is a team that lives greatness with humility.

millionaires retro t-shirt


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