Las mejores camisetas en la historia de Santa Fé

The best jerseys in the history of Santa Fé

Here you can see them all

Santa Fe 1996 jersey

Being the first in everything brings satisfaction, but being the first Colombian soccer champion is a title of honor, a moment in history that will always be there, whether you are a fan or not, like the players who wore the Santa Fe shirt in 1948 and ended up being the first to lift the title in the country. But it does not only bring a star or a historical moment, being a champion also gives you international recognition fighting against the best in South America, and that time, the cardinals did a good job

independent santa fe t-shirt
For years he was a constant in international tournaments, in some good roles and in others they are moments to be forgotten, but not everything is happiness during his title drought he also had a long absence in international cups to be more specific 20 years without being in a Conmebol tournament, dark years for the lions that they prefer to leave behind. Despite having dark years, in 1996 it sounded again throughout South America with a beautiful outfit that made a fan dream again.

Santa Fe arrived after winning a league that rewarded the champion with a place in what was then the Conmebol Cup, it would start against Atlético Táchira, which would be a difficult rival at first, but later the cardinals would win easily, the following rivals would come from Brazil, Brigantino would be the next rival, a complicated one that Independiente Santa Fe would win with grit as always. He was fighting for a place to reach the desired final against a historic player from the continent like Vasco da Gama, it was one of the most difficult matches of that tournament, they would have to go to penalties with suffering and highlighting the Venezuelan Rafael Dúdamela who would give him the The Bogota team goes to the grand final.
independent santa fe t-shirt

It would reach the final against Lanús, the Argentine club, on the contrary, had an easy path to be in contention for the title, for years Santa Fe was waiting for a moment like this, a single moment in which it could win a title, where the illusion It filled all the fans eager to celebrate again or for the first time, but unfortunately a goal was missing to achieve the miracle. The series began losing 2-0, but at home they were not able to turn it around.
It was a sad moment for the fans, but from which they became excited again, to be happy and celebrate, even though losing hurts, this moment was a new beginning, giving a moment of joy that left dreams ahead, that would come with time, but this polo shirt is the emblem of an important moment dressed as a gala and with Adidas for, an independent Santa Fe shirt that with pride and nostalgia better accompanies the moment in the stadium or in front of a television, encouraging and never stopping it from support.

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holy faith 1992

For years suffering was synonymous with the fans of the independent Santa Fe, long years it took for the cardinals to win a title, they were close in second places, fighting for finals and getting good performances without a star. But while the golden years arrived, February 23, 1992 remained in the memory of all cardinal fans and rivals for a unique result.

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It was the inaugural date of that year, independent Santa Fe wore a totally red shirt with a polo neck, a polo shirt that goes back to that day when a feat took the camp unexpectedly, the first champion faced his rival in the yard, his rival historic, against Millonarios led by Arnoldo Iguarán and with a great team that was then fighting for titles. However, Santa Fe was not far behind with Daniel Tilger and the "Train" Valencia had a desire to win that afternoon.

The game began with a goal from the millionaire team, it looked like a game to be forgotten, although a small illusion appeared with the equalizer by Argentine Daniel Tilger, after that score nothing was going to stop the lions. Hope and illusion became reality.

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Eleven minutes after the first goal, the cardinal came back and scored three goals, with two celebrations from the "Tren" Valencia, the ambassadors discounted, but Santa Fe went like a train, nothing stopped him and the advantage increased thanks to Wittinghan, one after another they went When the goals came, Cuffaro Russo, Freddy Hurtado were some of the names that joined so that Santa Fe finished the game 7-3, a game that hurts some, like Oscar Córdoba who would later be glory in our country and that that debut with Los Albiazules​ would never be forgotten.

Historic result, moment of joy and pride, which was better than a title, celebrated better than beating your historic rival and by a tremendous win is something inexplicable, that for years the faithful fan of the lion defended himself and glorified that day, this retro shirt independent Santa Fe represents something that cannot be explained, a moment in the history of clothing worthy of a historic win, the best memory for some.

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By Juan Manuel Henao May 2022

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