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Colombia 1987

We didn't play in the 1986 World Cup and we didn't qualify either. Disappointment flooded the team despite not having much hope for a team that played like never before, but lost as always.

But in the 1987 Copa América in Argentina, something happened, a small seed that served to awaken the spirits of a fan and a team that had not been happy for a long time, a team led by Carlos the "PIBE" Valderrama, a young man with good footing and technique that began a successful journey with Colombia, together with great players like Arnoldo Iguarán, Leonel Álvarez, René Higuita, among others who made the 1987 Copa América a great memory playing an almost perfect tournament, beating Bolivia and Paraguay, to arrive to play the semifinal against Chile where he would come out.

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But his participation would not end in that game, he would have to fight for third place against the current world champion at that time, it was Argentina led by Diego Maradona, the best player in the world at that time. However, the team dressed as a yellow puma with the shield on the chest, a polo neck with blue and red lines, would show them the coffee claw and their good game that in future years would give much to talk about around the world.

A simple, beautiful and iconic Colombia retro shirt for marking the beginning of a generation that made them jump with happiness and celebrate like never before.

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Colombia Yellow 1990

After Chile 62, Colombia had to wait 28 years to return to the most important sport event, after a good qualifying round and going through the playoffs beating Israel, Colombia reached the World Cup that was being organized by Italy, with dreams in the suitcase the team was traveling to face a difficult group.

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They would face off against the United Arab Emirates, Yugoslavia and Germany, their group stage was agonizing, winning, losing and drawing, they would qualify as the best third and would play for the first time in the World Cup round of 16, they would face the surprising selection of Cameroon led by Roger Milla.

So far in the tournament, the coffee team had used the alternative uniform, Adidas had the pleasure of dressing the team with some incredible designs that would remain in everyone's memory regardless of whether they had not been born yet. For the round of 16 he would change his uniform and wear the first yellow shirt with red and blue stripes on the sides, the Federation shield, and next to it the Adidas logo. They would face Cameroon for the first time in a World Cup and in an important instance that had never been reached, it would be their best participation in years.

vintage colombian

But since you cannot have everything in life, the national team was no exception, they would end their participation in the World Cup losing 2-1 against Cameroon, a mistake by René Higuita made Cameroon reach the quarterfinals and the coffee team returned to Colombia, with a retro shirt remembered with joy and sadness.

Red Colombia 1990

The Giuseppe Meazza stadium was the perfect theater to receive one of the most remembered matches of the 1990 World Cup in Italy, Germany, a favorite for the title (which would later become champion) faced a Colombia in need for the group stage, beating the United Arab Emirates United and lose to Yugoslavia, the coffee growers could not lose if they wished to continue advancing.

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Francisco Maturana and Bolillo Gómez prepared a game that could be called perfect in which the magic of dribbling and tactics predominated on the field, controlling the game with failed opportunities that almost ended up in the net and defending themselves in the best way against some shots from the Germans, the Colombian team was getting the result they needed against one of the most difficult rivals of that World Cup, but like a fantasy story the game was about to end. In the 90th minute the Germans scored a goal,

leaving 22 players out of a World Cup and an entire country plunged into sadness, but a unique moment framed in history made all this change, with Leonel Alvares in minute 92 intercepting a ball, which with three touches from Kid Valderrama he would give a deep pass to Freddy Rincón who would face alone against the German goalkeeper whom he beat with a strong shot that would go between his legs, a goal that the whole country and some say the world celebrated.


A goal that restored his illusion, happiness, history and put Colombia on the radar, remembered with one of the iconic shirts of that World Cup, a red team shirt with yellow and blue stripes, with the shield that represents us and logo of the three bands, a retro shirt from Colombia that represents us and makes us celebrate as Rincón did that June 19, 1990.

Colombia 1993

“We must not break history, they must not break history. Argentina up, Colombia down..." These were Maradona's statements before the match against Colombia for the United States 94 qualifiers. The gauchos needed to win to qualify and not go through the playoffs, they had an air of revenge and greatness like never before, after After having a bad streak, losing to Colombia in Barranquilla and not achieving victories, she arrived in need and with a desire to beat the coffee growers at any cost.

But Colombia had been doing a great tie beating Peru, achieving gold points against Paraguay and the cherry on the cake, beating Argentina in Barranquilla, but the real surprise would come on Sunday, September 5, 1993 at the Monumental stadium.

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Colombia with all its stars would take the field with 56 thousand spectators, the Argentines confident that their selection would humiliate them; They didn't have Maradona, but they started as if he were there, attacking, but to no avail with Oscar Córdoba kicking balls everywhere and hoping his team could move forward. A prosperous attack by the coffee growers, with the quality of Freddy Rincón opened the door for more goals to come, Faustino Asprilla's chances ended in celebration, just like Tren Valencia, leaving a monumental win that neither they nor we are going to forget.

retro colombia t-shirt

The game would end Argentina 0 – Colombia 5, a total football spectacle, to the point that the man who said Colombia below, stood up to applaud those who broke history, brought joy to a country that was missing it, which proudly wore the Colombia team shirt, it was framed in history as those eleven Colombians defeated more than 57 thousand Argentines in the best way on the field, demonstrating unique quality and accompanied by a beautiful shirt, which when we saw it we reminds those five goals.

colombian polo shirt

That time Umbro dressed our country, with a beautiful design the Colombia team played with that yellow shirt with highlights of balls, the totally blue turtleneck and the unmistakable shield, it is a retro shirt of the coffee team that represents years of glory, which no one will forget

Yellow Colombia 1998

Colombia was ready to play its fourth World Cup, it represented the beginning of one era and the end of another, the last World Cup of those glories that put them on the world soccer radar, wearing the Colombia team shirt, Valderrama, Rincón, Faustino and among others they played their last World Cup, their last glory in the Colombian team.

Unfortunately it was not the desired participation, we faced Romania, Tunisia and England, a difficult group; In a World Cup any rival is difficult, unfortunately Colombia could not play a good role, with a single goal from Leider Preciado against Tunisia and two defeats against Romania and England where a young Englishman with the shirt of Kid Valderrama named David Beckham is remembered Colombia bid farewell to another World Cup that was full of problems and internal expulsions of players who never let the group commit to the championship.

With a polo shirt made by Reebok, Colombia arrived in France, the clothing for this World Cup team that he gave in memory as a special edition, for an era that said goodbye, that would last years without being able to return, that would later surprise us for 16 more years. afternoon It was a perfect shirt for men and women, yellow with a blue polo neck and some blue lines on the sides that represented the passion for soccer, and what better than a retro shirt of the Colombia team that nostalgically reminds us of the end of an era filled with joy.

columbia 1998

Colombia blue 1998

Telling a sad story is difficult, telling the beginning of the end of the legends, only brings nostalgia, saying that a process that only obtained stars, that broke records and managed to change Colombia a bit the image of a reality of which We are not proud, it makes everything change, talking about a World Cup and how we failed again, makes nobody happy, but it is something they should be proud of.

Pride of those boys who with a lot of dedication put on the Colombia team shirt and gave everything, because the team and the country had another recognition, Bolillo Gómez took a group of experienced players and other new ones that would be the future of the team national. The first objective was achieved: to reach France 98 with a lot of expectations.

They debuted against Romania wearing a blue polo shirt and yellow lines on the sides, unfortunately in that shirt it does not represent a happy moment, it was a defeat that ended with a glory, with a retro shirt of the Colombia team that portrays unique moments, from when the coffee growers they were fighting for an entire country, a shirt that was secondary.


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Colombia 2018

Russia was a World Cup of mixed emotions, they fought, they had great games, the legends triumphed and left a great mark on the field, in their debut they lost and many said that the same thing was going to happen in the 90's, they only reached the stage group and returned with disappointment, but in the following matches something unique happened.


In the remaining games, they showed what they are made of and that they never give up, with goals from Cuadrado, Falcao and the star of that World Cup Yerry Mina with his headed goals, the fans shouted, celebrated, got more excited, with that shirt of the Colombian team paying tribute to that iconic outfit that made us dream in Italy 90, but this time it would not be the agonizing draw against Germany.

This time they celebrated the goals against Poland, the victory against Senegal and the goal that made not only our country celebrate, but all those who were watching how Colombia fought against a goal that it could not defend against the English in the round of 16, the minutes they passed and time was running out, opportunities were lost in defense or on the crossbars, hope was fading until in the last minutes Colombia finished off and the English goalkeeper grazed the ball, a corner kick, the last chance, Yerry Mina made the impossible possible, she managed to jump higher than all the English and headed the ball into forcing extra time, everyone was moved by that goal, everyone experienced something that cannot be explained in words at that moment. Unfortunately the ending ended up being sad.

colombian jersey 2018

They lived something beautiful at that moment, being represented and experiencing something that few had lived and that new generations could possibly enjoy was not the result they wanted, but it was a different kind of joy, a controversial emotion that will always remain in our memories with a Colombia team shirt with clothing that will be remembered for generations.

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