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Cali America 1987

América de Cali, a historic Colombian soccer team, the glory of the eighties managing to be a five-time champion and until then the only club that has achieved it: 3 Copa Libertadores finals and unfortunately all lost, a squad full of national stars and internationals who had talent to spare. That was the story of a team that had only glories and successes.

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That is the passion of a people, to continue supporting regardless of how many finals they have lost or won, that is a team that every weekend puts on the América de Cali jersey, the new jerseys and the retro jerseys, the divers and all clothing that proudly represents that they are a fan of a club that has suffered, cried and been disappointed, but has also shouted with happiness, with emotion for winning a title. That was the America of the 80`s and it is the same as always.

cali america

All the América de Cali jerseys have represented a good and bad moment, some have been more special than others, like this beautiful edition of Adidas from 1987, totally white with its shield decorated by the stars that they had achieved at that time, a simple outfit that evoked the great times of the mechita.

Cali America 1996

América de Cali had a new opportunity to achieve eternal glory, they had one more chance to win the Copa Libertadores that had eluded them so much and this time they faced again their rival from ten years ago: River Plate, they had been His executioner in his second final, the millionaire team had promises such as Hernán Crespo, Juan Pablo Sorin, Javier Saviola and led by an experienced Uruguayan Enzo Francescoli, a perfect team between youth and experience, who would also fight to win the title.

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But La Mechita was not far behind, its squad was made up of talented and quality players such as Óscar Córdoba, Wilmer Cabrera, the skipper Bermúdez and Anthony de Ávila, all with exquisite talent who represented the Colombia team, just like the team's jersey. América de Cali, which at that time was a totally red polo shirt with the devil's shield, with its sponsors and the brand of the manufacturer that at that time was Nanque, a precious clothing that left a mark within the institution.

The final looked exceptional: two great teams, one with a thirst for revenge and the other with the desire to increase their glory in the history of this international tournament, the first match would be in Cali where expectations were high and where it was trusted that this cup He was already staying with América, since the first game would be for the Red Devils, winning 1 - 0 and it was expected that the result would stay that way.

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Unfortunately for the Colombians, they were not the only ones who wanted the cup, the Argentines also wanted the title and in El Monumental, they felt it, they knew that nothing was lost and that their team could overcome the final, that's how this story ended: with failures by Córdoba in the goal and with the great intuition of the River striker, who came back from a final and became champion.

The scarlets once again sank into disappointment and sadness, a team that had everything to be champion, but their fans, regardless of the result, never tired of wearing the América de Cali jersey no matter how much they had to suffer or encourage. they only felt proud of that shield that was on their chest.

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Cali America 1997

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Everything was disappointment and defeat for the scarlet club, after losing the Copa Libertadores for the fourth time in La Mechita, they felt a disappointment from which they could not get out, there was only one solution: win one more title, not lower their morale and follow the passion of the people, many disappointments came and went, this would be one of the bunch.

But the players of the mechita wanted to put the ninth star on the América shirt, which would increase on their shield, on that completely red uniform, made by Topper where a devil was distinguished and the eight stars that they had obtained until then. This tournament was remembered as one of the longest in history, since it lasted 16 months to get a champion.

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América de Cali was ready to win one more title and not let the fans have a taste of the lost cup, with the direction of Luis Augusto 'Chiqui' García, it was hoped that the team could become champion. After lasting first in the entire tournament, América got the ninth, the star that gave happiness and joy to fans who only wanted to wear their colors and celebrate until the next day, that their soul team had finished champion, but this It would not be the end of a great team since a few months later it would be the second best club in the world in 1997, it would only be behind Juventus according to the IFFHS International Federation of Football History and Statistics world ranking of clubs.

A retro shirt from América de Cali that makes the fan remember when they got their ninth star, forget the sadness and return to passion, the joy that invades the club of their love with a fantastic shirt.

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