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Club Independiente Santa Fe, better known as Independiente Santa Fe or simply Santa Fe, is a football club founded on February 28, 1941 in the historic center of the city of Bogotá, capital of Colombia. It is one of the soccer clubs with the longest tradition and history in the country, considered one of the largest and most popular, and one of the most important in South America.13 It plays its matches at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium and is identified from its starts with the colors red and white.

It has participated in the highest category of the Major Division of Colombian Soccer, the First Category A, since its foundation in 1948, being one of the only three teams that has participated in all the tournaments.

The club was founded on the tables of the Café del Rhin, specifically in the Plazoleta del Rosario located in the historic center of the city of Bogotá by several graduates of the Gimnasio Moderno school, some of whom studied at the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario. .14 ​​Thanks to this, the Bogotá institution became one of the ten founding teams of the Major Division of Colombian Soccer, contributing to the beginning of Colombian Professional Soccer.

He is the first champion of Colombian professional soccer, consecrated in 1948
In addition to this, its women's branch was the first to be champion of the Women's Professional League, in 2017,17 which makes it the only first champion of Colombian professional soccer.

It is the third most successful team in Colombian soccer, with 17 official titles. At the national level, he has won the Primera A nine times, registering two Colombian Cup titles in 1989 and 200919 and three Colombian Super League titles in 2013,20 2015 and 2017, becoming the most winning tournament in the tournament.22 Likewise, they managed to be crowned as continental champion in the 1970 Simón Bolívar Cup,2324 in the 2015 Copa Sudamericana25 and as intercontinental champion in the 2016 Suruga Bank Cup, having as a particularity having been the first Colombian team to be champion in the aforementioned international competitions and the first Colombian team to win an international competition recognized by Conmebol.28​29​

He played the capital's Clásico against Millonarios, in addition to having strong rivalries with América de Cali, in the so-called Clásico de rojos, and with Atlético Nacional.

It was the seventh best soccer club in the world in 2015, with 240 points, according to the International Federation of Soccer History and Statistics, the best team in America and, consequently, in Colombia.30


The historic moment of the t-shirt

Santa Fe has taught us to be patient and never, ever lose faith. Thirty-seven years was enough. We have never stopped believing! We have fallen, suffered and cried, but not only from sadness, the 'León' has also led us to experience unique moments of euphoria, glory, fervor and feeling that we touch the sky from 'El Campín'.

The love for Santa Fe is inexplicable and will undoubtedly be eternal, this passion that goes beyond soccer stole a piece of our hearts and grows more every day.

Both we and you never stop believing, so if one day things don't work out, remember Santa Fe, and see that everything can improve.

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