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Club history

Azul y Blanco Millonarios Fútbol Club SA 1, better known as Millonarios , 9 is a football club from the city of Bogotá, capital of Colombia. It is one of the most successful and emblematic clubs in Colombia, which is why it is considered one of the largest clubs in the country and one of the most important in South America.10 The origins of the team date back to the 1920s, but it began to be called Los Millonarios in the year 1932 when its name was Club Deportivo Municipal ; It was officially founded on June 18, 1946 under the name of Club Deportivo Los Millonarios and, later, as Millonarios Fútbol Club on April 20, 2011 when it was reconstituted as a Public Limited Company.

It has participated in the highest category of the Major Division of Colombian Soccer, the First A Category, since its foundation in 1948, being one of the only three teams that has participated in all its tournaments, along with Independiente Santa Fe and Atlético Nacional.

It is the second most successful team in Colombian soccer with 20 official titles between national and international championships. 2 In its record there are 15 championships of the local tournament of the Colombian League, 2 titles of the Colombia Cup and 1 of the Colombian Super League. Likewise, he managed to be crowned continental champion in the Simón Bolívar Cup in 1972 and in the last edition of the Merconorte Cup in 2001.

He plays the capital's Clásico against Independiente Santa Fe and the Clásico añejo against Deportivo Cali, in addition to having strong rivalries with América de Cali, and  National Athletic.

From the beginning of the Colombian championship in 1948, he achieved the largest number of local titles that were played and formed a team nicknamed the Blue Ballet,15 which was considered of great importance worldwide during the first part of the decade of the years. 1950, when he achieved many international victories, including the Real Madrid Golden Jubilee Championship, which he won at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, and the 1953 Little World Cup for Clubs, which gave him the qualifications of the team " Ambassador " . In 2014 it was distinguished by the German magazine Kicker as one of the 40 most legendary teams in soccer history. It is considered by FIFA, a classic club and named by the entity as "the first Ambassador of Colombian soccer"

The historic moment of the t-shirt

"Millionaires sometimes excite you and sometimes bring you down"
Vanemerak . When we most want to have hope and illusion to leave behind such painful moments, nothing is better than remembering the glorious work of the biggest club in Colombia and that remained forever in the history of soccer. Fear does not exist, and proof of this is how Vanemerak and Iguarán played in that Millionaires Champion of 87 with their star No. 12. One very seasoned and the other unstoppable on the wing. This is a tribute so that you never forget that Millionaires, no matter what, will give you joy in the end. Keep believing until the end.

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