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On July 17, 1994, Brazil won the 'Tetra', its fourth World Cup , after beating Italy in the final in the penalty shootout, with a goal from former Azulgrana Romario included after concluding the game goalless.

On the 25th anniversary of the World Cup in the United States , Romario has raised controversy in his country by praising himself in that 'canarinha', in a report on TV Globo .

"The Brazilian team that won the 1994 World Cup was me and ten others," the former FC Barcelona striker (1993-1994) stated emphatically.

"Now I am 53 years old, and we are older and with more experience, but I am not going to speak in a different way. They had Romario plus ten and there is no way to change it. If I say that it was not Romario plus ten, I would be a liar," he stresses. .

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