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After losing the Falklands War, God and 10 others got their revenge. They brought hope to Latin America in a World Cup that was going to be played in Colombia and that they moved it at the last minute. They beat England, in the same game that they created, they beat them with mischief, they took revenge for a moment, in a game where the number of soldiers was the same: 11 vs 11. Fear does not exist, and if not Maradona says it with the most beautiful goal in the World Cups. That goal that he almost scored against England some time ago, this time he listened to his brother, threatened the goalkeeper, to remain forever in the memory of the world. No one single player was ever so influential to win a World Cup.

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Buen día.
Existe una posibilidad de que logren hacer o conseguir la camiseta del Atlético de Madrid temporada 2004-2005, en la que tenía el logo de Spiderman?

Danny Sebastián Cárdenas Ruiz

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